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Almost there! Just one last question

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First of all, may I say a BIG thank you to everyone who has given me advice over the last month, I really do appreciate it.

I have been doing what I imagine every new astronomer does, aand that is umming and aahing over every type of telescope trying to decide what will suit me best. I have finally narrowed it down to a choice of two:

Skywatcher Evostar 102 (EQ3-2)


Skywatcher Evostar 120 (EQ3-2)

Now, this is the deciding question:

Is it better to have more aperture on a wobbly mount, or smaller on a steady mount?

I will only use it for visual, I'm not bothered about astro-photography. A few people have said that the 120 should really be on an EQ-5 mount, but £330 for the 120 on an EQ-3 is right at the top of my budget.

Would the 120 wobble too much on an EQ-3 to enjoy it? Would the 102 be a better bet? Or should I chance the 120?

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I think the mount is more important John, as a comparrison I ended up paying a lot more for my tripod/head combo for my big bins, advice given to me convinced me they were worth it, as you are wanting to do visual observing it could be frustrating with the mount moving around a lot, get the best mount you can afford, when you decide to up grade the scope you could use the mount for the new one. :)

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Hmm a tough one. A lot will depend on how quicklythe mount damps the vibration for visual, although the 120 may be a bit much for the lighter mount. As for the umming and awwing it doesn't get any better after several years, I can attest to that :)

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Why don't you get a second hand eq5 - only around £100 depending on age and condition then you could get the OTA only for the 4.75" larger aperture ED120. The total cost will be near enough to your budget :)

(A CG-5 would also be good as a s/h equiv to the EQ5)

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Once again, lots of really good advice, thank you all :)

I think I have finally made a decision! The 120 it is, and I will keep an eye out for a second hand EQ-5 or similar. I will use the EQ-3 it comes on to begin with, I can always sell it on later. All I need to do now is sell just a few more bits and pieces on fleabay to make up the slight shortfall I have. I'm about 85% there, so not long now ;)

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