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The end of the world in 2012? Science communication and science scares


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2012 more likely get polar shift start of ice age /path of some meteor most probably what i rekon's or is they nibiru x thats the question ?

If there was such a thing as nibiru/planet x and it was on a collision course with earth in 2012 then it would have been discovered by now as it would even be visible with the naked eye.

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Not sure which worries me more - The "end of the world", or a whole "crusade" of blogging, lecture-touring (swearing even!), astronomers and particle physicists; determined to "protect me" from my (presumed?) aberrant thinking. [part serious] :(

I did laugh at one guy's observation... on the David Icke forum. He had noticed, in the run-up to 2012, that CATS had "started to become much friendlier towards him"! Argh, Don't tell 'em, Felix? :o

I think though, some crucial points were made at the end of JBB's lecture. There is a difference (a vast one, IMO) between random "End of the world" believers, and e.g. media-driven(?), HIV denial, anti-vaccine scare-mongering etc. :)

Not sure *I'd* like to live TOO close to Power Lines though... :D

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Regarding the Brian Cox interview on you tube. Much as I love the prof. I had to laugh when he's talking about the statistics of the "morons" walking in front of a bus; How about driving into the back of one with all that hands free driving ?


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