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Any good astronomy PC programs?

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Hi, my title says it all really but I'm after something to view the solar system. A 3D model perhaps with high res images of planets and moons to explore the surfaces or just see the entire system in a working simulation. Can anyone tell me if such a thing exists please and if so what would you recommend? Thank you


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Stellarium is awesome you need to set in your coadinates

on the Location window or press F6 get your coadinates from google

it show stars you can see with naked eye in your area

Another program mite be usefull seems easy to use

StarCalc is the fastest professional astronomy planetarium & star mapping program link below

StarCalc Home Page [English]

here link to few other pc software free best try different ones that easyer to use


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I've tried stellarium, celestial, worldwide telescope, NASA world wind so far all seem great and I will try more but surprisingly not mentioned here is google earth, it's free and not only does it do highly detailed 3d satellite views of the earth but it also does the same with the moon, mars and the stars. Very impressive!

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I too like Stellarium. It has a few issues with DSOs: some major ones are missing, DSO sizes and types are not represented graphically, one can't filter DSOs by type or catalogue. With luck, some of these issues should be fixed over the next year or so.

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