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Hyperion zoom mkII

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I have the Hyperion zoom MKII and been using it regularly for nearly a year. It has become more noticeable that there is a rattle when I shake it. Sounds like something is loose inside. Is this normal? I have not noticed any particular problems using it, except that when I compared the view with another eyepiece at the same focal length, the view is shifted to one side (can't remember if it is left or right).


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Hi Alan

I have the Cele 8-24 zoom not the same but still a zoom and that does rattle very slightly when I shake it so I don’t know it may be just down to the construction of zooms as it does not effect it in any way


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My zoom, not the same one as yours, also has a slight rattle when shaken,

but works with no probs.

Can't explain the "shifted to one side" issue though.

Regards, Ed.

Edit : second thoughts here, and sorry if this is too simple, but if you

are using a non driven scope like the SW Dob in your sig, then when

changing eyepieces, the view will have shifted a bit, to one side.

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I have the Mk2 and noticed a slight click when picking it up - a light jog of the ep revealed a rattle too, and I allways wondered what it was in case something inside was loose.

Has anyone ever had it to bits? My curiosity is fast consuming the hesitance to open it up lol :)

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