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Another New Member Here

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Hi my name is Rob i am from the U.K down in Devon and have only just purchased a Meade ETX105 telescope with a Deep Sky Imager,which i got some good pictures with the other night.

I am also looking to purchase a normal digital camera but finding hard to what to get so any help would be a great help.

Well thats all i can think of saying.

Looking forward to being on this site..


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Hello Rob,

Welcome to the forum!

Nice scope that ETX105 my friend had one and we observed saturn with the scope showed plenty of detail's inc the cassini division in saturns rings. DSI is a great camera too i hope you will share some of the images you got from it with the forum.

I have a Digital camera for sale that may or may not suit your needs  thats posted in the Buy n Sell section of the Forum. Lets all know what you need from the camera so to better advise, if you can post in the equipment section of the forum that would be great.


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Hi Rob,

Welcome aboard.  Good to see a new member from my neck of the woods and with an ETX-105 ... love mine to bits!!

As for a compact digital camera for connection to the eyepiece: Just about all of them can be attached to an eyepiece but, there are only a handful that are any good at actually seeing thru an eyepiece.  One is the Nikon Coolpix 4500 James is selling and another more recent model is the Sony W5 http://tinyurl.com/dothe

With the Nikon, you have the advantage of being able to angle the screen at a comfortable viewing position.  The Sony, being newer, has a faster processor and larger screen.  If another camera catches your eye I'd be happy to offer an opinion.  Of course, the DSI is the better tool for the job though I do understand that using the laptop is an added inconvenience. 

I look forward to reading your posts,

Steve :)

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