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Advice on wooden tripod please.

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I am buying a WO Megrez 90 and a Tele-Optic Giro 3 mount with counterweight balance.

Could members recommend a good quality wooden tripod that would complement my "set up".

Would a Giro 3 mount "fit on" a WO wooden tripod without any "tinkering" (other than possibly the need for a "thread adapter") ?

Many thanks.:(

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A Berlebach would be superb - not sure they have a UK distributor at the moment though ?

Yes, will be considering those. Can you recommend any particular model - would you advise I "go for" the tallest I can afford ?

I think Mr Cad were (? are) their dealers in the UK.

Thanks for your help.

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Telescope Service are very well thought of in the UK and Europe. They speak English and have a good range here. Their advice will, I am sure, be reliable. I have a number of these tripods as regular visitors and do rather covet them!

Teleskop-Express: Astro-Shop + Fotografie + Naturbeobachtung


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The Berlebach's are nice. Telescope House used to sell them, but they didn't have them on their website.

I think the Giros come in 2 sizes of base - 60mm diameter and 30mm (maybe) so if you go down this route make sure to match the tripod to the mount.

The Giro is great as well (mine is a Giro 2).

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Hi, Thanks for the (informative) replies. I have emailed Berlebach and they have replied, confirming they no longer have a dealer in the UK and that orders can be made to them "direct" via their (comprehensive !) website. Yes, I am aware of the excellent reputation of Telescope Services.

This beauty (UNI 28) looks like it would very much "fit the (very expensive !!) bill" !

Tripod UNI 28 Astro + Tray + Steel Chain from Berlebach Tripods

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