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"rusty" coronado blocking filter

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I have a second hand Coronado Maxscope and have noticed, too late, that the blocking filter is discoloured. It is as if there is a clear patch in the centre. It still seems useable (e.g. Stargazers Lounge - Atacamallama's Album: Album - Picture) but I fear the worst... It's fairly certain I have no guarantee claims, so what can I do? can these be bought new? It occurs to me to pick up a cheap PST and canibalise the blocking filter from it...My understanding is that it would be a nightmare to get help from the manufacturers....

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It's a nightmare. I bought a secondhand PST and didn't notice until too late that the main objective was 'rusty'. Telescope House have quoted £150 to repair. Was going to get a secondhand objective but Telescope House have told me you can't just change the objective.

Looks like you are still getting good results from the Maxscope and if safety isn't an issue, perhaps you could soldier on?

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