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Greetings from the Colonies!

Saint Matthew

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Hello! Greetings from the Colonies! --Connecticut colony in the new world, that is...

I've been a registered user now for about 8 months (I think) and simply never posted before. Sorry about that! But I've learned a lot of helpful info about gear and observing from you folks--thanks so much!

I'm a grad student at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut, but not in the field of astronomy. I did take an astronomy course in undergrad, however, because I've always had a sincere interest in astronomy.

I bought a 150mm Newtonian reflector on an EQ mount some 8 months ago and have acquired lots of observational accessories as well. But I have to confess, I'm more interested in the science of astronomy than I am star-garzing itself and I do believe there is a difference. --That may have something to do with the absolutely horrific weather of New England!! Even still, I cannot wait until warm weather to do some serious observing!

Matthew H.

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Hi Matt!

the same here, i mean i read a lot of here but never registered or post anything.

whoa Yale, really impressive :(

go to Rocky mountains, there is perfect weather and sky, specially at summer time!

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I is good to hear from you even if you have been around for a while. Whatever your interest in things astronomical makes no difference, we each have our areas of interest carried out in different ways. It all goes to make up the astronomical community! You are welcome.

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Welcome Matthew, its good to come out of the dark so to speak and introduce yourself, we have a great observing and science section for studious amatures here. Terrible weather for you too, in Brisbane we had awful floods and a massive hurricane in January - but astronomy goes on.


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Yes, Connecticut suffered 60+ inches of snow and ice accumulation in January alone. That was a new record for the state and put us in a "state of emergency." Yes, it is also true that roofs are collapsing all over the state and people are getting hurt. The roads are a mess too. The Leitner Family Observatory on Science Hill of north campus has public viewing nights on Tuesdays (with faculty from the astronomy department also giving lectures, etc) and I think the viewing has been scratched from every session for some months now due to weather and clouds. (Light pollution here is terrible anyway. In this part of the state we're technically in the "New York tri-state metropolitan region.")

Thanks for all the warm welcomes!

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