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Best of a bad bunch...


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You would think the skies being what they where tonight, I would of had a fruitful evening, but its been nothing but a catalogue of errors!!

Anyway, too tired to go into detail, but just thought I would share this pic with you. Taken with the Minolta, hand held, 25mm ep x2 barlow and the Newt..

Again, some editting, and some crafty cropping to hide the dodgy bits... :p Theres a strong possibilty that I've overbaked it, the only saving grace are the craters :D


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It was nice to get out, fairly decent tonight, not too much high cloud, and pretty steady, the only thing to let me down tonight was me... :p

Its a damn shame when you have to bin all your efforts, but theres always tomorrow... :D

Thanks for the comments chaps.. 8)

Blimey, its nearly 2am, why am I still up.... :shock:


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