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Planet Fest!

Paul G. Abel

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Greetings to everyone!

Dear me, the weather has been appalling here! My last observation was on 11th January! Still, the 8th was clear and in the morning I managed to get Saturn and in the evening I got Jupiter and the Moon.

Saturn: Once again the clear skies coincided with the great storm being on the other side of the disk! Still there was plenty to see. The belts are still quite weak, but I was able to determine that the NEB was double. The NTB was also seen along with a dark NPC. The rings are quite stunning, the bright B0-Ring was present and the darker B1 ring was also fairly well seen. Most interestingly, the C-Ring appeared to be brighter on the proc. ansae.

Jupiter: The SEB revival continues, but alas, I feel I will only be able to follow the planet for a few more weeks before it is lost behing the tress in the west. The NEB was as turbulent as ever. Seeing was only average at best so I was unable to see anything more than the standard features in the far north and south.

So nice to be back at the telescope!!!!

Best wishes,




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Excellent drawings and observations, Paul. The yellow-ish oval in the EZ on the NEB's cusp is interesting. I have seen large white ovals in the EZ, which I think are an optical product of material arcing between prominences, but those were of a different character to that which you have spotted there. You did well there in average seeing.

I am going to miss Jupiter these next few months :)

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