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First Moon Webcam image


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Good stuff, and a great first start. And yeah you can see why there's lots of stuff on mosaics! Whole moon mosaics can be take a lot of time at high focal ratios so have a bash one night (without barlow) and try to cover the whole moon with a handful of panes.

What set up did you use with your camera? Are you using the Philips camera in your sig? Have a lookie at this page I made before:

Getting higher resolution shots with an SPC 900.

Also when it comes to making a mosaic, check out jgs's tutorial:


The best time I find to do a mosaic is when there's a nice big terminator like with a crescent moon as it makes the post-processing step more defined. When you've got a full moon with no terminator, no shadows and no decent features it's pretty easy to crank up the sharpening filter much too high to bring out detail, ruining the image!

Finally the reason why the magnification appears so high with a web cam is because the sensor is so small (3.2x2.4 mm with the Philips, if I remember). Much of the image is missed...so if you have a camera with a larger sensor you'll get more of the moon and a lower apparent magnification.

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