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First moon picture

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great first time you did not say how ,with what ect what method did you use to take the pic and what camera,scope ect great first effort did ya note the settings on the camera for next time ?best to try a few difrent ones note down on paper what settings ya ussd expo,iso,zoom ect good luck for mext time might want to photo shop or a free one called photoscape

i just stuk your moon pic in and played with it for about a min as ya can see it brings a few more details out have a go with it


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I took the image using a Celestron 114LCM, and the Neximage with a focal reducer. Only had about 30 secs before the cloud closed in. Am at work at the moment but have written down the settings i took the image with. As i said it was the first light for the camera and wasn't given enough time to play...dohhhhhh.

Thanks for input though, keep it coming, learning is the way forward!!

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no not normaly regisatx is ok for videoe and a bit a play in about with and ya can alter contrast but i usally get thenm as good as a can in rgisatx then go in to photo shop or photoscape,with regisatx some time the alignment point as to be changes some times for the better and worse try and get the best that works crack on a can not wait to see ya next pics and its make in want to do some my self heres to clear skies

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