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Lunar Hi-Res catch in Vgood seeing


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SPX350 F30.6 with 5xPowermate, PGRFlea3, Astrodon filters.

A steady night a couple of weeks ago I ventured on the Moon before Saturn got a go and although wobbly images stayed focused and fine detail was clearly available. Took 3000 frames and stacked half of them with AviStack. 10700mm fl is really the limit for lunar showing about 300m per pixel/0.11" a pixel.

Got a try at crater Ptol to image all those tiny craterlets it has in a quick 4pane mosaic, Rupes Recta with a bright edge, it a 7degree slope but looks steeper. Pitatus is the best result showing the rilled sunken walls without shadow.

Thanks for looking, John.






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John, those are incredible! The detail is amazing, and so sharp at v high magnification. Must be the best lunar images I've seen.

Got any Saturn images coming?



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Thanks for comments, after the terrible floods we deserve good seeing then Cyclone Yasi came and I got these inbetween so weather has been lively this summer. I did get Plato but dissappointed with the lack of the finest craterlets which Damian Peach got as its down to the shadow not being quite right.

Each time its clear and midnight approaches ready for Saturn the cloud comes, about half a dozen times this has happened, its been a bit windy too and seeing looks average with stars twinking at 60 degrees alt which is not what I like to see. Hopefully Saturn will perform with the weather in a few days as I am getting very impatient to get that storm.

Thanks again, John.


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You certainly have had an "interesting" first summer down under weather wise ...

Yeah, but if you're getting seeing like that, it's probably worthwhile facing down the cyclones, floods, crocodiles, snakes, spiders etc.

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