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I have recently started getting into astronomy and have a C80-EDT Refractor on a CG5-GT mount with and unmodded spc900 webcam. Currently i control the mount via my laptop with a serial cable and webcam through a usb port, so far so good.... However, i am looking to modify the webcam to SC1.5 or further but my laptop does not have a parallel port so i guess ill have to use the serial port (and a USB) for the camera and get a serial to usb adaptor for the mount. In theory i dont see why this would not work but i would also (in the future) like to use a second camera for autoguiding the mount requireing further serial and USB ports...... I was just wondering how other people use their equipment in this way???? Especially anyone who also uses a SPC900 for autoguiding and imaging along with remote controling their mount.



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I dont use the same equiptment, I use a skywatcher mount, a DSI3 camera, guide camera & joystick.

I have a 4 port powered USB hub conected to the laptop via a long usb extention lead. Both cameras, Usb-serial mount adapter and joystick all conected to the hub.

Hope that helps


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I have a load of serial interface stuff connected to a server that doesn't have serial ports -- weather station, UPS, electricity monitoring, disk array console and so on, using one of these:

USB to RS-232 Serial Adapter x 4 connectors USBNow.co.uk

For most things it works fine, but I did have to add a powered interface for the weather station because USB-driven serial interfaces don't provide the same voltages as many "true" RS232 interfaces. The same *could* apply to some mount interfaces and so on.


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I use an SPC900 for imaging and another for guiding. I converted them for serial port use and put the webcam in a small project box with a fan for a bit of cooling and then bought this type of usb adapter.

DB9 USB to Serial RS232/RS 232 Cable Converter Adapter on eBay (end time 14-Feb-11 17:32:21 GMT)

The case of the usb adapter comes apart easily, they are not glued just push fit. The small pcb can then be placed in the project box with the webcam so you have just 2 usb leads, one for the webcam and one for the usb adapter which makes it very tidy. With all the usb cables in play you will need a powered usb hub also. With my setup I use 2 four port powered hubs for connecting webcams and mount and then from these I have two 5 meter active usb cables which pass through a window in my porch to the laptop so I can sit in a warmish comfy environment.

Hope this helps a bit.

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