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DSLR or Mod my ToUCam?


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The subject kinda says it all :) I should have a bit of dosh coming my way over the next couple of months and was originally going to buy a DSLR, hopefully a Canon but the Nikon ones look to be a bit cheaper. Then.....I remembered I have a ToUCam (Not used it for a couple of months 'cos I aint seen any stars for that long). How do the modded webcams compare to a DSLR? specifically in image quality and ease of use/focussing? I 'might' attempt the mod myself as I used to work in the electronics industry and am confident with a soldering iron etc just not sure I trust myself! I have borrowed a Coolpix 5700 and have been using it (Actaully once, still no bl00dy stars) with a 30mm EP and managed to get a decent shot but that was 'cos I could focus on the moon then swing the thing round :) I just dont want to spend 400quid for something that I could achieve myself with a little work and a soldering iron :lol:

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into a very complicated area here Blinky , DSLR would be an alrounder for astro and normal use , limited for astro i always think unless you have fab gear for guiding etc for long exposures, i have always stated the best way for serious DSO imaging is the web cam way or a lower priced CCD camera, true you can mod it yourself many have , but there are so many factors with this imaging , if you are wanting it for entry into imaging then fine , but after a while you will realise , you need better , they to have their limits , cant be any more helpfull than that really , in this game its a gradually build up to serious gear , other wise you are held in a rut unable to progress , so i say , web cam , and learn the art of processing along the way , as this is just as important as taking the image .



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I'd do both :)

Problem is they are two different animals.

The Toucam is worth modding for very little cost(if you can do it yourself)

Very handy for moon and planets by getting hundreds of frames to stack

easily and quickly.

Downside is, it's not much good for widefield which is where the DSLR comes into it's own.

Also, a DSLR is very useful as a normal family camera so it kills two birds with one stone.

Another point to consider is weight.

If you try to use a DSLR on say a Meade ETX, you have great difficulty in getting balance

so if your scope is on a "timid" mount then weight has to be part of the decision.

So as I say, do both and get rid of some of that surplus cash :):lol:

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I want to capture nebula with the camera, is this 'widefield' or is widefield shots of say the whole constellation? I already have a decent digi cam, its a Canon Ixus and its nice and smal etc for taking on hols but I would like a DSLR for taking pics of the kids at birthday/first day of school etc. Hmmm.... completly undecided! think I will wait for some more replies!

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