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EP's to add to Meade ETX-LS 6"


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Hi all,

I'm another newbie after advice on eye peices. I've just received a Meade ETX-LS 6" and was really pleased with what I got to view last night for the 1st time. Jupiter looked great with 4 of its moons, I could just make out the coloured bands too. The scope came with a 26mm super plossl eye peice and I was wondering what I should be looking to buy to enhance my viewing with this scope as regard to EP's? I've read a lot on this site but not sure what EP's would suit the scope I have.

Any advice would be very welcome.........:(

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Assuming that the 26 isn't too bad:

8mm for 192x and when conditions are good.

10mm to give 150x

12mm for 125x and when conditions aren't great

15 for 100x

30mm for slightly wider views.

Then 20, 25 for the hell of it.

May seem a lot (5) but at f/10 you will not need expensive ones. Although the TV plossls come in about the lengths stated, and will last you forever.

Think Vixen plossls have a good name. Many of the budget ones are pretty damn good these days.

Problem is that it will depend on which eyepieces you find you use most often.

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Hi again, thanks for the kind welcomes, also thanks for the advice. I'll take a look at the Vixen EP's, would I need to look at a "Barlow" not exactly sure what one is yet but it seems a popular item with everyone?

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