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Skywatcher Skyhawk 114

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I have this scope and was just wondering if i can see anything better than the image ive posted below?

this was taken with a 300mm lense then cropped in but its what I can see through the scope and 10mm eyepiece and obviously the moons are in different places,


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I reckon that would be about it although the scope view should be crisper and you should be able to make out the main equatorial cloud belt on the planet.

Jupiter is getting pretty low in the sky now so the views are not at their best in any scope to be honest.

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Not sure what the exact question is but guessing this:

You have taken the picture posted through a 30mm lens on the camera and are asking that if you looked through the scope would you see the same.

As a scope has an eyepiece on with which to alter the image size then no.

By getting a bigger image the brighness will be less with the image bigger. The image you have is saturated and in effect too bright, hence no detail.

With an eyepiece the image can be bigger, the intensity is less, so detail such as banding should come through.

Problem is that Jupiter is low and getting lower so the atmosphere will cause loss of detail.

All depends on how well set up the scope is, is it collimated?. How good the eyepiec(s) are. The standard 10mm is generally poor.

If the scope is f/5 then about 650mm, a 10mm will give 65x which should show some banding, an 8mm will give about 80x which should be better.

Reflectors do not give the contrast of refractors so the image you see, even if well set up and a decent eyepiece, could still be a little soft.

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