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Observing report - also an opinion required on the IC405 (Flaming star neb)

Mark at Beaufort

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Last week I cleaned my 10" mirror and last night was my first test.

Started early evening with Jupiter mainly because Europa was in transit. Both north and south belts very clear but the image was like jelly and it was difficult to get a steady image of the shadow.

Decided to wait a few hours until the Moon had set to view some DSOs from the Hidden Treasurer's list.

First object supernovae 2011B in NGC2655. Well its still there and I estimate that it is mag13+. In my opinion its not as bright as it was last week but its marginal.

Initial I choose some favourite sites M78, M1, M44, M45, M36, M37 and M38 but my main task was to find further objects from the Hidden Treasurer's book.

The initial choice was IC418 (Spirograph Neb) which is a Planetary Neb in Lepus. Easily visible but looks just like a star. I had to increase the mag to 240x with the Nagler 5mm to confirm that it was a PN. However, worth a look.

Next NGC2683 (UFO galaxy) in Lynx. Now this is a nice bright galaxy and I cannot think why I had not seen it before.

The next object beat me. Its NGC 2163 (Cederblad 62) a bright reflection neb in Orion. I easily found the location but its small size 3' x 2' just could not detect it. Must go back.

Finally I decided to view Caldwell 31 - the Flaming Star nebula in Auriga. I knew it was faint and that I would need some help with filters. I first tried a UHC on the 26mm Nagler but could not detect anything. I then screwed my 1.25" H-Beta filter into a Celestron Omni 32mm EP. Moving the scope back and forth I could detect something different in the sky from being very dark to seeing something hazy. No real definition or shape - was this the Neb in H-Beta light? Question if you have seen this Neb visually I would welcome your opinion.


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Very decent report Mark, you sure have observed a good selection of objects looking at your sig, as to your question, sorry but I have not yet observed Caldwell 31 but am sure you'll get a responce on it. Do you see much colour in the objects you observe? :(

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I tried Caldwell 31 yesterday, but no dice. Its vast extent probably mean you need (a) a very wide field scope, (:( a very dark site. Next time it is clear I will set up my 80mm F/6 which allows a 5.6 deg FOV with my Paragon 40mm, preferably in some very dark area. I remember seeing the North America Nebula (NGC 7000) with my 15x70s from a dark site, and being blown away by the sight, but the C8 simply cannot frame it nicely, so all you see is a slight brightening of the background. I assume you 10" Dob may have the same problem.

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We tried Caldwell 31 / Flaming Star neb from Kelling in Linton's massive dob... it was kind of visible, very much like you state above. We knew something was there, no real shape, but certainly "something slightly more than nothing" was the general opinion at the time.

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