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Weather forecast update.

Clouds now approaching from the west preceeding the next system, sorry so not good for observing tonight.

Good solar observing again on Thurday with a ridge of high pressure.

Then the next system comes in Thursday evening..sorry..

I arrive Friday and as promised bring warm winds from the SW so lovely and mild for camping but cloud levels on Friday and in to Friday night will be significant, sorry...

Saturday lunchtime a cold front will bring us a clearer evening but showers are possible.

Sunday is a day of sunny spells and showers...and guess what

A lovely clear cold evening on Sunday so those who want to image might want to stay an extra night.

Looking like mild air from the south returns next week..



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Chris, can you put me down for one of those badges / can openers you've made - sure I can find a miniature bottle of malt in the cupboard in exchange :)

We'll car has had it's annual valet - and filled up which was a shock ! (I live and work locally so normally £30 worth does me for a few weeks ) - £95 !!!!! - at least [removed word] Turpin wore a mask B)

Shopping done - Beer, Jaffa's, Big Soups, Bacon, Sausages, plus a few other bits and bobs....

One more day at work and then I can start loading up Friday morning and hope to set off around 9:30 - 10:00 am - To be honest, I'm not too bothered about the weather. I'm looking forward to the experience of SGL6, camping for the 1st time and more importantly, meeting you guys and putting names to faces. See you guys Friday

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My mate Nicnac has texted me with good news...she's made chocolate brownies again. :p

Question is - will we get to see any of them before the Two Ians dive in? :)

I predict a riot! B):grin:

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Arrived about 1 on tuesday... got rather ratted in the evening and managed to get the Pentax setup with a crude alignment. The sky, at about 11ish had turned from high cloud/misty mush into a patchwork quilt.

After some crystal clear visual of saturn, I managed to get a few crude shots of Saturn. I even managed to get images through the mist when you couldn't visually see anything!

Managed to get the moons. Although with 675mm fl and only an ATIK 16ic, the result is a very small and low res picture (cropped and attached). Deliberately over exposed to get the moons, I have better pics of just pure saturn however they're too small/dim to really be interesting :/


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Just about packed

I must be a bit lighter the number of trips backwards and forwards to the car and <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml>


















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<![endif]--><s><span style="mso-ansi-language:EN-US" lang="EN-US">tin snail</span></s> caravan though there are no Jaffa Cakes left so the weight may have increased<br>well I had to keep up the strength<br><br>should arrive early afternoon<br>

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How did you manage with the dob? I will be down tomorrow with Shane, 3 packs of SP Jaffa Cakes packed and plenty of other unhealthy goodies plus plenty of clouds :)

I got six tubes of Jaffa cakes for the Dob. Sorted!

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