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Fife light pollution


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I'm looking to move to Fife and obviously one of my concerns is light pollution in my new garden.

I don't think the dark skies images are picking up possibly the worse light pollution culprit in the whole of UK because just like the neighbours floodlights it only comes on every few nights *usually the dry clear ones*

The culprit: Exxon Mossmorran. Sometimes, this oil/gas cracking facility is forced to "flare off" its gas input and when it does it lights up SEVERAL COUNTIES...

I have found a Web picture taken from the Edinburgh shoreline across the Firth of Forth towards Cowdenbeath area... it's like a small sun...

Dont forget the Forth is about 3-5 miles across at this point:


This uplit light pollution is about 10-15 miles beyond the Rail Bridge:


Is this the sun rising in the North? :( Nope its Mossmorran:


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I wish I had skies that dark at home in Crewe, we get a LM of around 4.5 on a really good and obviously lower if there is cloud or mist of any kind hanging about. What sort of LM do you get in Fife as the skies look quite dark apart from the local LP shining onto the side wall of your house?

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