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looking for dark site in milton keynes

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check out MKAS, they have some preffere sites.

Miine are - Castlethorpe, in the old castle earth works, very little light pollution from the village.

Bancroft Park, down by the old roman villa, there are some streetlights, but if you hunt around you can find a nice spot.

Old Wolverton/Stony Stratford bird sanctuary (near teh A5d bridge. follow that road up a bit and there is a nice spot there.

Castlethorpe is my Fav as I can walk there from home :)

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the bowl could be an options but its is all locked up at night i might go and have a look one night but i dont want to be near any passing by yobs..

castlethorpe would be great i didnt know there was some castle earth works down there where abouts are they?

Old wolverton could be good i know that the mkas had a open evening at the church so must be good for viewing.

Thanks guys for the suggestions i shall take a look.

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If you know castlethorpe, park up by teh shop (there is a convienient layby) and behind you is access to 'Castle Field' Public land and fully accessable. if you walk into the middle, you will soon find a nice spot. Very clear western view, and the North/South lines are not bad either. East is a little spoiled by housing and the blooming great light they put on Hanslope church spire.Hanslope park has promise, but I have never managed to get there when they did not have either the floodlights on the footbal pitch or the security lights on the scout hut on.

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