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Dimensions of SkyLiner 200 FlexTube

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I'm looking for a telescope that can easily be taken with us on holiday, I was considering a mak 127 as it's size is perfect to take away. However, although primarily I am interested in planets, I feel I may be dissapointed with the ability of the mak to see some DSO's.

I have since noticed that the SkyLiner 200P FlexTube AUTO has come down in price recently and may, at a stretch, be within budget. Does anyone have the dimentions of this scope collapsed? Can the base be taken apart easily if required? I have seen the photo of the 250 bigger brother on the 'Look At The Size Of That Thing' thread.

Of course I realise I need the DOB and the MAK to meet all my requirements, but that may take a few more years! Any alternatives are also welcome, I have seen the Light Bridge 8" truss which also looks portable.

Many thanks,


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Hi, I did check that page originally but it doesn't list tube dimensions. However I've noticed the goto does list dimensions as 320mm x (835-1115)mm, I presume the auto is the same? If anyone can let me know the diameter of the base that would be great.

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