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Bloomin typical


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Babysitting Richards DSLR (Sony A100) for a couple of days so

set up last night to give it a whirl at some prime focus phtography.

Got the moon in my sights through the 200mm F6 reflector and guess what

not enough in focus :lol:

Bloomin in focus problems plague me, my 130mm F5 hasn't enough

and now the 200mm F6 :)

The T adaptor is fairly low profile so nowt I can do about it and the collimation bolts

are set so the primary is forward more than normal.

Ah well, a tad dissapointing

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Wouldn't mind if it were not not enough out focus, that's easy to cure. :lol:

Couldn't use my barlow because the camera's T adaptor has a 2" fitting on it

for Richard's ED80 and my barlow is a 1.25"

At some point I'm hoping to get a DSLR when funds allow so some mods will have to be done.

Probably fit a 2" focuser to the 130mm F5 and place it nearer to the primary for a fast scope

to suit all cameras. :)

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will bring the 2" barlow over, but while it's cloudy would be a great time to get ready for some wide pictures of m42 before it slides away.

please keep the camera for a while as i need to get used to my new scope with out the temptation to keep messing with the camera :)

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i have to use 2 extension tubes and a 2x Barlow


Interested in that, Richard got a 2" barlow for his ED80 and although he got focus

with his DSLR without the barlow, he told me the other day that with the barlow,

it looked like he needed quite a few more inches of back focus.

How much back focus extension length have you got on your ED100?

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lol well dont laugh now , to get first focus i use an inch and a half hube connected to a 2 inch Tube ehhehe , that gives me a nice size part of the moon , then to get some closer ones , i can pop in either the 2x barlow or the 3 x barlow , this is using the ATIK 2HS looks rather funny with all that length , but it works a treat for me .


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