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Cheapest way to autoguide?


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i used the spc900nc with a 9x50 finder but i had to make guide rings for the finder since the camera wasn't sensitive enough to find a guide star in most cases near my target.

the biggest problem you may face with your scope is guiding errors from the short focal lenght of the guider versus the long focal length of the imaging scope along with it's long tube. i have managed to get a 15 min frame of imaging with a 9x50 finder with my dob 8'' OTA and heq5 pro but after a lot of nerve wrecking. so i am upgrading my main scope along with an OAG. you are of course free to try but if you have guiding errors this may be the main cause

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A cheap refractor piggy-backed will do.

But as stated above you may have problems getting bright enough guide stars in the field of view.

EQMOD and PHD do a really good job together with the EQ6 using a cheap webcam.


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