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Harrier Jump Jet £73000


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Wow, is all i can say! This is your opportunity to own a Harrier...

found this on ebay, and its currently at £73000... Now thats a bargain if ive ever seen one...

WOW EX RAF 4 SQN Harrier Jump Jet Aircraft XW269 RARE on eBay (end time 14-Feb-11 00:21:25 GMT)

I would love to bid on this, but i really have nowhere to keep it, between the HEQ5 and the DOB in the bedroom, I just dont think it will fit :)

Happy bidding, it would be nice if somebody on here bought it :)

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Way overpriced, my ex and I had the option of a Lightning about 10 years ago, was an ex Saudi one and we were paying 5k. We had to rethink it cos we had to move and ghen we bot divorced anyway.

If ou do a bit of shopping around you can pcik this sort of stuff up quite cheap we also looked at a Starfighter and a couple of others.

The cost isnt so much but its the cost of transport that clocks it up. The aircraft arent that heavy either but the engines sure are as well.

Ours was for outside a business by the way.

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.... my ex and I had the option of a Lightning about 10 years ago, was an ex Saudi one and we were paying 5k. ....

Don't mean to be nosey, but what on earth did you intend doing with the thing if you had bought it? I guess an expensive bit of rusty garden furniture!

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It was going to be a gate guardian kind of thing for a business. There was a breakers in Portsmouth who had about 6 of them all boxed up. They had been made for the RAF but by the time they were ready the RAF didn't want them so they were sold to the Saudis. The RSAF had them in boxes for a few years and shipped them back to Filton for spares. Filton had sat on them for a few years and then decided they needed the space. They were sold first to a film company who were making a movie but the movie folded so they had ended up as surplus and no one wanted them. Hence the low price....

We were offered with or without engines but the engines weigh a ton (literally). Cant rember the weights but I know if took them wit the engines the weight was collosal.

We looked at a few aircraft including a Lockheed Starfighter whioch was ex German airforce but it was in really shabby condition and the owner kept moving the goalposts so we gave up on that.

We also looked at a naval aircraft - cant remember what it was - it was very tiny compared to the Starfighter - might have been a Hawker Sea Hawk but I cant remember. We looked at a few including a Folland Gnat and a few others but in the end our business disappeared when we got divorced so it was all abandoned.

It was going to sit on a concrete ramp over the entrance - we saw another car dealer with one down in Hastings - they had a Meteor on a steel pylon and my ex got stuck on the idea.

Having seen an assembled lLghtning quite recently I wonder if it might now have been too big anyway. We had the measurements at the time and it seemd it would fit but I suspect in the flesh its lots bigger - rather like telescopes I guess. But, unless prices have changed for some reason, a lot of this stuff was available at quite reasonable money if you have space to store it.

The breakers in Portsmouth at one point had dozens of Russian Tanks that were all runners and were being broken up and they were being sold at totally crazy prices like £1500 a go but its mainatining that sort of stuff, spares, petrol etc that runs the cost up. I was at an ex MoD auction about 5-6 years ago and they were banging out Saracen Armoured cars for £800 so it is out there if you want it and can afford to store it etc.

By the way any warplanes sold in the UK to private owners have to be structurally weakened so that they cant carry external stores and have to be cut back so they cant fly to their performance limits. HMG is paranoid about insurrection I guess. The breaker who was going to sell us the lightning said if we took it with the engines they had to bash some holes in its wings so it could never be made to fly.

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