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So who's out tonight?

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Same here (S.E. Scotland) - nothing but cloud. I did glimpse Orion through the window about 9pm, but my setup got interrupted by a phone call. By the time I got back out (15 mins later) it had clouded over again.

Really keen to see SN2011B - praying to the cloud gods for a small break tomorrow night.

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First clear sky for a couple of weeks here (NW Scotland), which lasted for about an hour until the clouds rolled back in.

Tried doing some wide field shots but it was blowing a gale and gusting on top of that so it was interesting to say the least. Having said that they were still the best wide shots I've taken (but objectively were completely rubbish as I've hardly taken any before!).

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Wall to wall cloud here last night. Had hoped to go slightly further NE last night but same forecast. Getting to be quite depressing !. Had hoped to get out to Edinburgh this afternoon for some photgraphy with a freind but its raining and total cloud cover. Meant to be reasonable for Monday night, fingers crossed.

Been an absolutly 'orrible Winter so far.

Clear Skies


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I saw Jupiter for the first time with the naked eye tonight, I checked Stellarium & it showed Jupiter just to the left of the moon, went outside and there it was exactly where stellarium said it would be, it was clearly the brightest thing in sky at the time, Im sure ive seen it before but just assumed it was just another star. Sadly 20 seconds viewing and it dissapeared behind cloud along with everything else & nothing has made an appearance since

Still was a pretty amazing experience to know what im looking at.

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