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Hello all from Sussex

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Hi everyone.

Been reading here for a little while, and been interested in the skies for quite some time, I really don't know why its takes me so long to invest in a telescope but finally I have one on order :)

I've ordered the 150p and eagerly await its arrival, or at least a phone call from FLO, after completing my order I didn't get any delivery details/options, they just said they'd be in contact soon so I'll need to wait till tomorrow to see whats what!

I'm a Scot living in Crawley West Sussex at the moment, I'm not too sure where I'll be taking the scope once it arrives as I'm not too familiar with the area yet however I know there are some very dark country surrounding the town so I'm hoping I have some fairly good conditions, although I am a complete amateur!

So yeah, fairly excited at the moment, not really understanding why it took me till age 26 before I made this investment considering how much time I spend thinking about whats up there, dreaming, reading, watching documentaries, and I've never seen it with my own eyes! Although to be fair its not a cheap interest and realistically its only been recently I could have afforded to get involved.

This place is by far the best read I've found online on the subject, so keep up the good work guys and I look forward to getting involved :)

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Hi Imok and welcome to the forum.

Let's hope you don't have to wait too long for your scope as we need to get you cracking with observing. One good book to read that will assist you in finding stuff with your size of scope is called, "Turn Left At Orion". It lists many objects per season that you will find and observe with your scope. There is also a good section on the Moon too - hopefully you know where that particular object is?:):D

Clear skies in the meantime.


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Hi Imok,

Welcome to SGL from another Sussex member (I live between East Grinstead and Lingfield).

You are in good hands with FLO. No clear nights on the horizon according to the forecasts, so even when you get your new scope, you may have to wait to have a play.:):(


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hi imok congrats on the new scope,kwoledge is power and ya can not beat do in ya home work on this subject makes things a lot easier but there nothing better than get in out side and have in a general point round and see what ya can see .once ya learn ya way round the scope and the constellation you will soon be hooked


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Thanks for all your warm welcomes guys.

I understand FLO are having a very busy time, so I may need to wait a while to get my scope, but in the meantime I've been reading TLAO, and of course many things on this forum!

I have to say, that the content, and general atmosphere on this forum is wonderful, something I've not seen in a long time. Good work guys :)

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