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Eskimo Nebula - NGC 2392


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Sketch of the Eskimo Nebula from my 12" at x150 magnification.

31-Jan, 2011


A smiley face in the sky greeted me Monday evening! Spent about an hour at the eyepiece squeezing out the detail on what I regard as one of the most impressive planetary nebula in the winter sky.

The detail I was picking up in the central disc was tremendous. Made out three brighter segments to the disc's edge, and an elongated shape that pointed down like a chin to the north, and flatter across the south...a bit like an alien head!

A darker segment was made out in the outer disc, brushed up against the NW boundary of the inner disc.

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Great sketch. Enjoyed view of the Eskimo in my 10" early hours Monday morning and found it hard to pull away from the EP. Up there in my top 3 favorites. Interesting to see how much more detail only 2" extra aperture would make. What focal Lent is it ??


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Thanks for the comments all. It was great fun observing it

Spaceboy - it's a fast scope F4.

The main thing was my baader EP and slight averted vision. These I think were key in me getting the details. The finest details only showed for a few seconds at a time over the course of about an hour. Once what I had seen flitted into view a few times then i was confident enough to call it on the sketch

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