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New here from Dorset

Peter Laing

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Hi all,

I was recommended to join this site to get some advice and generally wise-up on the whole stargazing thing. I'm a total novice, never having a telescope since the very cheap one I had as a kid. Now I have three kids myself who have all done space projects at school and are very hungry for further knowledge on the planets etc. My wife too has always wanted a telescope, so it seems the right time to delve into a new hobby!

Since we moved down to the countryside in Dorset almost a year ago, I've never ceased to be amazed by the night sky - I've never seen so many stars in my life! It's truly amazing and feeds my thirst for knowledge on what's out there. Saw a cracking shooting star last night too whilst walking the dog. It's just all magical.

Still trying to fathom out what's the best telescope to go for - the choice is overwhelming! I like the idea of a "goto" scope, as in my experience, things don't get used if they're difficult to get to grips with, or take a long learning curve. If the hobby takes off, there's always ebay to sell the old scope and move up the ladder a bit.

Right - time to get reading the forums here and see what I can learn!



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Wow! So many replies already! Must be a busy forum, which is always a good sign. Thought you guys would all be asleep at this time of day having been up all night stargazing!

I'm based out in the sticks north of Dorchester, so well away from any light pollution. I've never seen it so dark. I work in Poole though.

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Hi Peter and welcome to SGL :)

Great that the whole family is interested - especially "she who pulls the purse strings" lol. Any questions you have about choice of scope just pop 'em in the Beginners Help section and someone will be along with an answer soon. The more you can say about budget and intended use, the better the answer you'll get. Enjoy the forum :)

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Hi Peter and welcome to the forum.

Ultimately, it all about budget and how you want to use it. Goto is great for kids when they see it purr into position (depends what mount it is - could be a squeak :)) to await to see what's next. If to pay for this you have to have a smaller scope, then it defeats the object. The scope is the important bit.

Clear skies in the meantime.


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