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Hi Everyone,

Firstly thanks for all the help I've had so far from your replies, I done a lot of reading, but sometimes some books just get too complicated where it couls be simplified.

Anyway what I was wondering is how do you use a polarscope, and can one be fitted to the EQ2 mount that will come wth my skywatcher 130p.


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Having looked at your EQ2 Mount on the internet I personally can't see how one can be fitted to your Mount. Not sure if any-one has any brilliant ideas how it could be.

How to use a polarscope:

The only polarscope I have any experience of the mount has a scope passing through it (through the bit that tips up towards polaris).

Through this there will be a reticule (image attached) and you will see that there is a little ring on a big ring which encircles the true pole. With a polarscope you set the date and time on an index mark so you get the exact position that polaris would be, and then you have to make adjustments to the latitude and altitude bolts until polaris is inside that little circle on the big circle.

Attached also is an image of me looking through the polar scope (indoors).




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