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Newbie from Ringebu

Ringebu Astrogazer

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Hi all,

Today I joined SGL. Have visited this site a few times, but now I think it is time to join.

Being Dutch originally, and moved to Norway 5 years ago, I picked up an old hobby: star gazing.

The skies are clear and awesome to look at. We even see the Northern lights from time to time.

Last weekend I got an old Celestron C5 from 1980 which needs some cleaning up.

Corrector is dusty and shows a fingerprint. Oculars and filters need cleaning too.

Any tips anyone to clean optics without ruining them?

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Hi Ringebu and welcome to SGL :)

One of my friends cleaned up his mirror recently - I'll edit a link in here for you shortly.

Edit: http://stargazerslounge.com/group.php?do=discuss&gmid=10277#gmessage10277

His experiences were interesting but the mirror washing part is what you should read :)

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Hi Ringebu and welcome to SGL.

I think the best advice on cleaning a corrector plate is "only if absolutely neccessary" as a little dust or smudges will not affect the optical performance too much.

This is a link to the Meade telescope care info which you may find useful if you really need to clean the corrector plate.



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