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Noobie help required

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As a complete novice can someone point me at a computer program or website that shows visible stars from a specific location, or alternatively and book with very clear maps so i can find out what im looking at.

I recieved a copy of Patrick Moores atlas of the universe for christmas from my wife..and while i used to spend time gazing at the twinkly things for ages while taking the dog on his late night walks..I have never seriosly considered astronomy a hobbie..things are about to change i think.

No telescope yet..or binoculars.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Lancashire, leyland cloudy at the moment :)

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Thanks guys, I think i have managed to identify Castor and Pollux between the clouds and possibly Alderberan, but it seems slightly in the wrong place so im not counting that. Wife thinks ive gone loopy , calling her outside to look at a star, but she thawed a bit when i explained i could be one of those blokes who spend all their time in a pub. She has even brought me out a cup of tea!

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Getting the partner on-board is one of your most important techniques to learn, i have even heard of some guy/girls who even scope with there other half! I know i am doing well if i get to go to a local dark site more than once a month- the back garden is more usual.

Good luck with your new hobby.


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