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Fixing A LED Illuminator To A Reticule Eyepiece

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I think I have fried the LED in my Meade 9mm corded reticule eyepiece.

After a search on the internet I found this LED illuminator for reticule eyepieces and was wondering if anyone has tried to fit one of these or knows if it's possible to fit one to a Meade 9mm corded reticule eyepiece.

I emailed Scopes'N'Skies who stock this but they did not know if it would work.

Failing this is it easy to replace the damaged LED in the cord?

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Depends what the thread is on the meade.

Most illuminators are M8. Mine is.

So if you can unscrew the meade one and find out the size, these would be a good replacement.

There are cheaper illuminators out there. I found this whilst browsing their site a few days ago.

Robtics | Robtics verlichtingsunit zoekers, kruisdraad oculairen

P&P would be extra of course. An email would tell you how much.

There may be other sources too.


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There is no thread. The LED part of the cord is fitted to the reticule by a mini version of the eyepiece holer part of a diagonal.

The size of the hole the LED fits into is 10mm so I would need some kind of adaptor to screw onto the illuminator to make this the right size to fit.

Maybe bigwings suggestion of buying the 12mm cordless would be my best option.

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