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First time trying deep sky imaging!


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Being a total noob my self when you say you tied the camera to your scope do you mean to the lens of your scope prime focus

Or to the scope and used the Telephoto lens of the camera wide field

Or Afocal holding the camera to the lense

If you used the telephoto lens of the camera what was the setting

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Personally I think Kyle (Quantum64) should be congratulated not only for his image but also for his 'calm under fire' not only has he explained how he took the image but he has taken unnecessary criticism with great dignity.

Well said Steve :(

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I totally agree...

I have to admit that I was a bit sceptical when I first saw the image. I couldn't believe that this was a single 30sec shot. But then I loaded one of my single subs of M42 and processed it. I was amazed by how much you can actually get from a single shot of this object. It wasn't as good as this image here but it showed that it must be possible... ;-)

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It's a cracking first image Kyle and as others have said you've set the bar high for your next outing. Don't let the sour comments deflate the amazing feeling you must have from getting your first great image - I still remember that feeling as I'm sure many others here do :(

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Luke, you are a doer not a talker, hats off to you. You may be completely new to it but you've recognised what matters - polar alignment, focus, framing, and getting an appropriate length of exposure for the set up and the target. You've not got bogged down with worrying about guiding or having exactly the right adaptors.

Keep these images coming, I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress.

You wear your talent lightly.

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