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Hello everyone,

I've been watching this forum for some time now and you all seem to be a nice friendly bunch so I have made up my mind and decided to take the plunge and join.

I know absolutely nothing about telescopes or astronomy but am keen to learn. My better half got me a Celestron 60 STL for xmas but unfortunately 10/10 cloud cover has prevented me from having a go. My question to those who know about these things is; "is this telescope any good?

Many thanks in advance.

Paul :)

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Hi Paul,

Welcome to SGL :)

Regarding the Celestron 60mm SLT: Its aperture will limit what can be seen but so long as you stay within its limits, you will get some good views. Suitable targets include the Moon, Saturn, Orion Nebula and clusters like Pleiades, Beehive and the Perseus Double Cluster. The Sun is also a good target. NB: Use a suitable solar filter otherwise irreversible eye damage is a certainty!

In time, you will want more aperture but don't let that put you off getting the most from your current scope.

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Welcome Paul, The important thing about any telescope is the fact that you enjoy using it. With that particular scope you have the advantage of a GOTO mount that will accept up to a 130mm reflector so as time goes by you can upgrade fairly cheaply. Hope you enjoy the hobby and get the most you can from the forum. :)

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