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Live colour images of deep sky? (samsung sdr-435)


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(Sorry if this is in the wrong place)

Could you help me understand astrovideo and in turn help me decide on what scope to buy…?

Can you get live colour images of deep sky objects using astrovideo techniques?




Im wondering if the image integration process on some cctv cameras (like the Samsung sdr-435) give live colour images and then can be stacked to give higher quality pictures afterwards.

Also wondering if a Dob alt-az auto tracking mount would be ok to use instead of a EQ mount? I appreciate the image will rotate from an alt-az mount if used for pictures on long exposures, but will astrovideo software sort this out aswell?

I`m currently looking at either a skyliner 250p with auto tracking or a 200p explorer on an eq5 mount.

Wondering what people thoughts are for astrovideo for live images?

Many thanks

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