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Well what a great night i have which started around 18:30, -1.5c and now wind clear skies .MO1 (the scope) had been out side for a good hour and was ready to go .my first thing of the night was

Andromedae galaxy

which until tonight i have never seen the telrad came into its own again and saved me this was better than expected because a was not expecting to see much had the 20mm ep and ding there it was a big grey smudge at last there she was, i looked at this for ages just looking in and around the grey smudge before me. what a sight this was great it blew me away and i will come back to this time and time again for any one who says its just a smudge then that's crazy


This beautiful constellation at the edge of the Milky Way has definitely the shape of a "W" and tonight was no exception, M52 can be found quite easily by extending the line from Alpha over Beta Cassiopeia by 6 1/2 degrees to the NW to 5th mag 4 Cassiopeiae; M52 is roughly 1 degree south and slightly west of this star. and what a great open cluster this was 32mm ep first then the 25mm it was a great sight and a first for me next came ngc663,654 .double clusters ngc 869,884 very big lots of stars and not just white yellows and what looked like light blue.just to the right of Caph is 2 great ones ngc 7790and 7788 they are both full and lots of brightly clumped stars

i then had triangulum galaxy in and ,no joy there not not a thing ngc 752 was easy and a do like that one a did try for crab neb but can never seem to see this m34 was easy a always take a spin in and around this one,Auriga was next M36,37,38 east to find that telrad sure earns its keep so does the compass and spirit level .

whilst looking to night half froze and spinning still from Andromeda galaxy i always look at each thing with a range of eps and like to try them all and note down which gave me the best view for reference next time.

i also looked at Jupiter tonight and it was the first time i have seen this in great detail at least 4 bands could be seen a tried the light blue filter because it was real bright 3 bands were seen with this,i next put the moon filter in that killed it only the lower thick band could be seen .

tonight was a great night for me and have got a few more things under my belt and am starting to feel a lot more confident finding them this is the best thousand pound have ever spent also on the market for a refractor as well i am gonna find a star party some were because a nee to see a few things my back garden will not let me on wards and upwards


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