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Look at the size of that thing......

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When i bought my 250px i found it hard to find anything to compare it to sizewise, so i made this video once i bought mine next to some easily reconizable objects. Hopefully this will be usefull to anyone considering the 250px! like mentioned for its size its acctualy pretty compact.

Skywatcher 250px - Size comparison with well known objects - YouTube

Just to add to the gallery, this is my Meade 6" F/8 refractor. I'm 6 ft tall - it's a hefty scope even compared to me !:

John that scope is an absolute beast!! :) how does it compare to your orion optics 250 visualy?.

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Thanks for posting your picture Jeff , I am looking to get a 300p FlexTube goto.

Having a picture of a similar size person and scope is a great help.

Do they come with the fabric end cap as shown ?

Anybody have a pic of the 350 ?

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A lot of beginners are often amazed at how big scopes can be and recently there have been at least two threads I have seen where people have been amazed at the size of the box that arrived at their door after oredring online and never having seen what a scope looks like in its physical form.

Yep...describes my experience to a tee. I just picked up my very first telescope today (Vixen 102M + tripod). I went to pick it up on my bicycle armed with a keyboard-bag (the standard 61-key size).


Well, even tho' I had pictures beforehand it still appeared to be twice as heavy and large as I'd imagined it, hehe...still got it home alright.

Great thread!

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I just gave someone a 76mm reflector cause I got a new 130mm but they thought it was huge and worth fortunes and I had to really convince him I didn't want anything for it.

But I can remember when the Fedex guy dropped it off, I thought the exact same. Funny this astonomy game you always think you've got Hubble in the back room till the next one comes.


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This is a great thread! Some of these are HUGE and I would love to see them being lugged around the house/garden. Can you all post videos of yourself carrying the scope around? :icon_scratch: It's the only way newbies will be able to appreciate the hernia inducing bulk/mass

The Flextube dobs always remind me of R2D2 when they are collapsed :):

I refer to mine as The Droid :)

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Great post, its funny i only have a SW 130P but when some friends came round they thought it was a couple of grands worth :icon_scratch:

If you're like most of us on here it probably will be a couple of grand when you've bought a few eyepieces !

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Just for completeness, heres my most used telescope. Its my TAL 100RS and possibly the most beautiful looking scope of them all.

Its a good size comparison if your thinking of any refractor for around 100mm / 4" and its pretty similar in size to the Evostar 102 and equivalents. Its mounted here on a TAL mount which is roughly the same size as an EQ3-2.

Here, here, here :icon_scratch:

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