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Nah mate, I have no tube rings :lol:

I need the bolt that actully screws into the tripod fixing on the bottom of the camera. It's so I can bolt a piece of wood to the EQ2 with a camera tripod fixind in it so I can take WF shots.

If that makes sense :)


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like someone on the other thread suggested, you can mount the camera on top of the scope. On my scope and rings (Galaxsee 4.5") there's a little tripod screw at the top of the rings, and you cn just screw the camera on there. It's no use if you want to take long shots at the same time as observing things, but it's better than having two dovetails to have to constantly switch over (that's if you've only got the one mount).



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I usually just go down to the hardware store, where they have bags (literally) of 1/4-20 screws in every configuration imaginable.

Unfortunately WH 1/4-20 in this country is as rare as hens teeth unless you know where to look.

Any Metric size You could wish in any of the the thread variations can be found easy but Imperial sizes as they were known are few and far between :)

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Hi Kain,

Here is a piccie of two that I have. They are about 2 and 2.5 inches long or so. They screw into the base of my camera fine. They take a allen key

They are your for free so if you'd like them drop me an address. I have a pair of each if you like.



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Hi everyone,

Happy New Year to you all.

I'm always available to make bolts and screws to your needs.

Hex, Rnd Hd, Cheese hd, Plain or slotted, steel, brass, HT or ST/ST

Knurled heads and blackadised.


Ray L

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To tell the truth people, your best bet for small numbers of odd bolts is this guy:


An email to him will usually get what you need and you don't have to buy hundreds at a time.


Thanks Arthur,

The link you provided has also indirectly helped me. I had a look out of curiosity, and found heat shrink tubing of all shapes colours and sizes. I now know where to buy without having to spend a fortune.

Barkis. :)

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