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mark geldart

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Alright, alright. There's no need to gloat. ;):D

Cloudy all day, cloudy now, probably cloudy tomorrow. ;)

I take it back! I take it back! Even if it is over 13 hours later.:p

It cleared up for me too. I stuck my head out the back door just before going to bed at about midnight and "could it be?". Yes there was Arcturus "flashing" at me to come on out and get cold. A quick squizz with the bins convinced me there was enough on show to get the scope out so it was off with the slippers and dressing gown and on with the coat and gloves.

Had a good 2 hours swinging around just looking at stars really. Most of the DSO's I tried were either behind the rooftops or beyond my scope last night. I did have some good long looks at Saturn though and even managed to get semi-reasonable views with the supplied 10mm and Barlow. I even managed to persuade my wife to come back down, stand on our paper recycle box (she's only a little lady) and take a look at Saturn. I was so chuffed I wanted her to see those rings. Trying to get her to get excited about how far away it is was difficult when she was shivering, standing on a plastic box and squinting through her specs. Saturn was always my favourite as a child and I even managed to identify Titan.

So glad that some of us salvaged something from (what looked like being for me anyway) a very unpromising looking evening.

Clear skies for all tonight I hope.

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