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Incoming...quick run away...another question!

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Hi guys,

THIS TIME.... well it's about scopes from 'teleskop service'...

A huge range of APO triplets in the 80mm F6 range at what seem to be very good prices?? Thoughts and opinions please? I have searched for reviews on the forum but so far without success:(

I have an eye on this model but would take advice

TS 80/480mm F/6 Triplet APO - FPL-53 - Kein Farbfehler

Also this as a second favourite but much more dosh...

TS ED APO 100/600mm f/6 - 2,7' Linear Power Auszug

I can't do anything with regards coaxing my wonderful wife until I know what I'm aiming for!

I would be using the scope with the SkyWatcher field flattner from FLO

Reducers/Flatteners - Skywatcher Field Flattener

In fact I can honestly say the field flattner is the only item I have on my list at the moment!!:p

Thanks guys (as usual);)


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In theory the triplet 80mm will be better colour corrected, but the 100mm will have much better light grasp.

I haven't heard anything about the 100mm, but here is a thread of another forum member who just received his APM version of that TS 80mm


btw, I heard the Skywatcher flattener has some quality issues, you will probably be better off getting the TS flattener. It's more expensive, but I guess you chose the TS scope over the much cheaper Skywatcher scope for high quality optics, so you shouldn't waste that quality by using a weak flattener.

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