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Dob setting circles?

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Been thinking of get a wixey and adding some setting circles to my dob base, i guess the wixey on it's own would work but by adding the setting circles would just make it better, my question is....are the setting circles something you can buy and fix to the base, like a large template? or do i have to use the old grey matter and do it all your self?, i dont think i have the "know how" to tackle that:iamwithstupid:

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I placed my circle between the two bottom boards so that it can rotate and I fix it once I have polaris aligned (saves having to get the position of the base exactly the same every time. I also bravely cut a circle out of the upper base. Looks great and it all works surprisingly well.

There is also this very interesting option - well worth looking into.

(DOH helps if I paste the link! http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/118838-dobs-direction-finder.html)

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Yeah gadgets are brill - I love 'em. Of course there is always the slight drawback that they usually run on some power so always good to have a failsafe mechanism somewhere.

I am just clouded in (seems like forever [sighhhhhhhh]) so can't even get to check I collimated right or not. (Perhaps I should order a laser jobbie, it will get here before the clouds leave I am sure!)

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