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What did I just see?


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I have just poked my head out the windows and in the middle of the grey/white sky was what appeared to be a black tear with lots of what I can only describe as pinpricks of light.

This hole hung around for a few moments but by the time I got my binoculars out it had disappeared as quickly as it came.

I have done a search in the Internet for what it might have been or if anyone else has experienced such a phenomena but I've drawn a blank - any ideas? ;):confused::p

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yes perrin6 - it was my feeble attempt at humor. It sounded funny in conversation - guess it dosen't come across to well in the written word! ;)

No tis me tis me who is the dullard (doh!). I've been making with the funnies myself on another thread about rumours there were once strange things to be seen in the sky - ie stars !

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Not me I'm afraid, just lyrics from Starman (David Bowie)

ha ha sorry mate not really into bowie, but guess we're about as likely to see stars as we are the big lotto finger pointing out of the sky with all this cloud, so at least we got something in common!!!

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Oh very nice.. I kick myself now for not really going in for the picture disk versions due to the "lesser" audio quality.. :p

I've got the full set and a couple of spares (Ziggy Stardust and Pin Ups), haven't played them myself, used normal LP's/CD's for that.

Have to say I like his work ;)

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