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Jupiter 28 Jan 2011


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Here is a drawing of Jupiter from Friday afternoon.

Having already got in some good overtime in the first half of the week, I sloped off early from work and got my scope out.

I located Jupiter sweeping the sky with 10x50 binos just before sunset.

The seeing was good at first, about Ant II, it quickly became unstable and eventually ended up at Ant IV, but I had to take my son to Hockey practice at half-five anyway!

Cold, still, and partly cloudy.

The sky was mid blue when I started and faded to a 'midnight blue' by the time I made the sketch.

Orion SPX200 with TV 2X barlow and TV11mm plossl = 218X

The SEB has two halves, the SEBn is the thicker and darker, it contains many very dark ovals; The one next to the GRS was so dark I mistook it for a moon shadow at first.

The SEBs is broken by the GRS, which has wrapped itself in material from the belt, and looks to be a paler orange colour than previously this apparition. The section of the SEBs following the GRS seems to slope northwards to meet the SEBn at the following limb.

The STB is disturbed proceeding the GRS and it is double following it.

The NEB has many dark ovals and uneven edges.

Gannymede is emerging from occultation.


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Very impressive sketch and observation, Chris. The detail you've captured around the GRS is fascinating. Really very interesting to see how it is interacting with the emerging SEB material.

I think the emergence of these dark spots is a step-up in activity for SEB revival. I have read that an explosion of dark spots, some which may move retrograde, is a known stage

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