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CG-5 setup help!!!!

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Hi guys,

as I said in my welcome post, I have the CG-5 and Skywatcher 8" relector, and today was the first possible day I could play with it and try setting up the hand controller. After the "intialising" comes up it goes thru the settings in the manual, ie set the dec and ra index marks, I put in my lat and long taken from TomTom then DST comes up and it shows Pacific time and up/down arrows, as soon as I press arrow button I get a 9 at the R/H end of the top line everything appears to freeze then "NO RESPONSE" comes up with 17 on the 2nd line, I press the UNDO button, which appears to do nothing, then it comes back up at the previous screen, then the whole thing starts again, if I just press ENTER at the Pacific time, the next thing that needs input causes the same problem. Now just to let you know, ATM I have no scope mounted, but everything setup as if it was on the mount, I'm using a Uniross AC-DC PSU 12VDC@ 1.2 amps, which I use for my electronics projects and stuff, very stable. Can anyone help me? ;):p

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sorry for replying to my own post, but, more info. Plugged cigar power lead thinking it was a power issue, but, this did nothing different. I managed to get further in the setup stage, but, noticed that every time it was supposed to move the motors, it was then I got the message "NO RESPONSE" and then either 17 or 16 on 2nd line. Thinking it might be a faulty DEC lead, I used my Network cable tester and all tested ok. Sent a mail to First Light ;)

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