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Well no telescope yet so I'm just using my D300s on a tripod. This is a single 13sec exposure at12mm and ISO800. Quite a bit of tinkering in LR3 to bring out detail...(surprising how much there was from a single exposure).



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You could have doubled your exposure time quite safely and not had any trailing.

The most I can squeeze is 25 secs with 'some' trailing... 20 secs seems to be acceptable and on the next trip out I shall run a series of ISO experiments too...

It's great fun to see the results... I tried 13 secs and ISO 800 for the clarity, but you're right, I haven't found the 'optimum' clarity/light gathering settings yet...

Thank you for the advice,


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Thanks everyone:)

It's a shame we can't 'pre-book' our clear nights in advance:icon_eek:

Looking forward to more photographic 'experiments'...;)


Too true Pete,clear nights usually coincide with overtime or some other previous engagement thats hard to get out of.

Keep up the experimenting,best way to learn imho,read up all you want but the best way is to get out and shoot,especially with this type of earth and space shot.

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