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Greetings from Newcastle


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Hello Everyone on SGL

I attended the public session at Kielder Observatory last night. Absolute amazing. We studied the Orion Neblua, the Horse Head (althought I don't know if I actually saw that!) and M81 and M82 galaxies. Living in the city, you forget how much is up there. Didn't get home until 2am ;)

Followed the stars as a child in the 80's. My life needed something extra so I decided to check out Observatorys in the area. Very impressed with the Kielder set-up and the friendliness of the crew up there.

I want to go back tonight but it's sold out :p



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Hi Neil,

Welcome to the board. I also live in Newcastle, and have recently joined the Newcastle Astronomy society. We do observing sessions 15 minutes out of Newcastle, at Vallum Farm, whenever weather permits. You should come and check it out. Everyone is very helpful and we always have a great time!

We have a Yahoo news group, where we arrange all the unplanned observing session, we've managed a few times to organise something on the same day.

Here's a link to the Societie's site and the news group:

Newcastle Astronomical Society: Home

newcastle_astro : Newcastle upon Tyne Astronomical Society

If you are interested we have a viewing session next thursday (3rd February), weather permitting. If you sign up to the news group, we keep up to date on the day to determine if weather will be good or not.


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Thanks WhiteShiva. I will check it out.

I think I am hooked. I spent the last three nights thinking and trying to comprehend what I saw through those eye pieces on Friday evening. The distance numbers and just astronomical !;)

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Welcome Neil - I'm a bit further south than you in Teesside so you can guess the pollution (light and otherwise) brings its own challenges. You're lucky to have Keilder so close...I must go out into North Yorks and scout out some closer 'less polluted' viewing locations.

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