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Bargains? Which would you choose?

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I've got a choice of two used telescopes:

Celestron c6-N on a cg4 eq - £130

Meade uhtc etx90 (no tripod) - £150

Which would you go for? I'm thinking Celestron. Is it a good price? How good?

I really want a skyliner 8 or 10 inch dob!

Should I wait?

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I'd pick the Celestron without a doubt. Here is a review of it:

Celestron C6-N Review

The price is good too. You won't find an 8" dob for that unless you are very lucky indeed.

The new equivalent of those is over £300.

I'm assuming that the scope you are looking at is in good, clean, fully working order of course.

Edit: Funny James and I posting the same review !

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The ETX90 is a lovely scope with razor optics and knockout views of the moon and planets. But the Celestron C6N will be such a good all rounder, you will really appreciate the extra aperture as well.

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The 8" aperture will resolve more detail by capturing more light. If you can afford it I would go for that size. My personal opinion (in case I'm shot down ;)) is that it is from this size of aperture and above, that you begin to see the kind of detail that makes observing interesting. Most people start with the small apertures to test the water at low cost, then progress to 8" and then on to 12" if they have the room to store it, the fitness and desire to carry it and transport it (dark sites). Above that size, mounting these beasts will really start costing a lot more and even if its a dob, will represents a whole lot of other logistics.

One note: there is no cure for aperture fever but you will find many sufferers on here who can advise you on how best to deal with the symptoms!:p:D:D:D

Clear skies


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Yes the 8 inchif you can get the extra money or get a used one, it was highly receommended although I had trouble getting an 8" recently as the importers had run out...they took the money and 5 days later when I enquired as to why it hadnt turned up I was told the importers had sold out and there were none left in the country so in my impatience I bought the 10" Skyliner 250PX which came within 48 hours of re-ordering.

I had never used a scope except an old brass (ships) telescope and I was dubious as to how hard it would be to use but I taught muself to use it easily and after lining up the finder scope in about 2 minutes on my first use I had a cracking view od Jupiter and moons and the big stripe and some smaller stripes...

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