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Second DSO (first session): Andromeda

Peter Reader

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Hi all!

As explained in earlier post tonight was my first DSO imaging session.

Here's my attempt at Andromeda and companion galaxy by the looks of things:

115 x 12s

ISO: 800


What effect will changing the ISO have on the fainter areas of the galaxie? Will these be clearer?

Will increasing exposure do this?

Thanks for all the support


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Congrats on bagging M31 in your first session!

Yeah, more exposure time. Push up the length of each exposure - your tracking looks great at 12s so see how far you can push it! That many subs at say 1m or 2m would reveal a lot of extra detail.

Edit: ISO800 should be a good choice. Stick at this and up your sub time as much as your mount will allow.

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