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Hello what a great night!


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Hi to all at SGL.

Well after lots of research (inc. this brilliant forum) I took the plunge. Ordered a SW Explorer 150p on Tuesday, arrived yesterday (Thursday) and I used it tonight!

All I can say is absolutely brilliant! 2hrs of clear sky and fantastic viewing. (OK I know I was lucky)

Jupiter and 4 moons! Orion Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy. I cant wait till tomorrow, although cloud is forecast.

A very happy man!

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Welcome to the forum! Jupiter is actually somewhat past its best right now - oooh, just wait until next autumn, it'll blow your mind. The one to watch now is Saturn, which is getting closer and closer, and earlier in the night.

Have you downloaded Stellarium yet? A great bit of software for keeping up with what is in the sky when.

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JKB - welcome to the forum. We went out to visit the local astronomy group tonight, and like you, saw Jupiter and its moons, Andromeda Galaxy and the Orion Nebula. Out tomorrow with another group so hope for clear skies!! Can't wait for our Explorer 200PDS to arrive!!!

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Wanting TWO nights in a row after just receiving a brand new scope - now that's pushing your luck!!! Will have to report you to the moderators for being too cheeky:D:D:D

Continued clear skies to you


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